Omar's love for her country? Which country?

Rep. Ilhan Omar, who's always had a problem with being in the U.S., would have you know that you shouldn't dare question her patriotism. Here's her characteristically flip way of saying it: When a white nationalist TV host tries to question my love for my country.☕️ — Rep. Ilhan Omar (@Ilhan) July 10, 2019 I don't know who this is she's talking about, but I doubt she'd be talking to any "white nationalist."  Or that a real, live white nationalist would actually want to talk to her, either.  Oh, wait: white nationalists actually cheer her for repeated instances of Jew-hatred.  She's a hero to them. Maybe it was Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who's not a white nationalist but can easily be saddled with such a made up invention, given that he put out this effective criticism of Omar and her ingratitude as a migrant taken in by America and...(Read Full Post)
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