The NYC Housing Authority: Time for a change

Over the last month, the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Region II head, Lynne Patton, has been a guest at the homes of several New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) residents.  Patton has taken this opportunity to observe the deplorable conditions that residents endure in NYCHA buildings on a daily basis.  Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of Patton's month-long stay is her use of social media to document her findings and experiences on NYCHA grounds.  Some of these findings include deteriorated ceilings that are disintegrating in peoples' bathrooms, exposed electrical wires, hanging ceiling bulbs, and paint peeling off apartment walls. Patton has been photographed solemnly standing in front of yellow tiled walls and rusty window guards as she continues her assessment.  It is shocking that neither the city nor the state politicians in New York have taken the time to conduct a similar assessment or at least...(Read Full Post)
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