Spain tells Mexico 'Hell, no!' following AMLO's demand for an apology for colonial conquest

Not wanting a confrontation with the U.S. over the border surge, Mexico's socialist president Andrés Manuel López-Obrador decided to pick a fight with socialist-run Spain instead, calling on its king to "apologize" for the nation's 500-year-old conquest of Mexico.  What could be easier?  Leftists love to apologize for the supposed misdeeds of forbears, as President Obama demonstrated repeatedly.  Spain would be an easy mark for one of these, AMLO calculated. Much to AMLO's surprise, he got a wet mop in the face from Spain, from its socialist foreign minister, no less.  Foreign minister Josep Borrell said Spain would refuse to apologize for the 500-year-old conquest and reminded Mexico that they'd settled these matters many years before.  It was an unexpectedly strong sign that the era of Big Apology is now over. El...(Read Full Post)
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