Saturday Schadenfreude: Watch Dems predict Mueller probe results in Trump impeachment

It started out so well for the Democrats and the media.  The frenzy over what Robert Mueller may have been uncovering in his probe of  collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and the Russian government led to speculation that always pointed to one thing: impeachment for Donald Trump. Now that Mueller has given his report to the Justice Department with no further indictments expected, it might be fun to look back and listen to what Democrats have been saying all these months about Trump and his prospects of being impeached or going to jail. Maxine Waters is hysterical.  I would love to have seen her face when the Mueller report dropped with no further indictments. The point that some Trump aides were going to jail turned out to be true, but what were they convicted of?  Lying, covering up (to protect themselves), tax evasion (Manafort) — not an alleged crime relating to collusion among them. To distract from their...(Read Full Post)
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