Pentagon identifies $12.8 billion in funding for the wall

The Pentagon has identified $12.8 billion in military construction spending that could be used to fund the building of a wall on the southern border. The money has already been appropriated but not spent and is targeted for various stateside military facilities.  It's unclear which projects would be affected. Washington Examiner: Some states that have been allocated big chunks of money that haven't been spent could see a hit. California, for example, was identified as having more than $700 million in unused Army and Navy military construction that could be used.  Hawaii has more than $400 million that could be used. More than $200 million in similar funding allocated for Hawaii, Maine, New York, North Carolina, Guam, Germany, Guam [sic], and Guantanamo Bay Cuba are also on the list. Reed warned in his tweet that "military bases in your state could be negatively impacted" by Trump's border emergency. Trump Admin...(Read Full Post)
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