Jussie Smollett walks. Cui bono? โ€” who benefits?

With no new evidence presented and a grand jury 16-count felony indictment at hand, the Cook County State's Attorney's Office suddenly decided to ask the judge in the case to drop all charges against Jussie Smollett and seal all the records of the case.  The only penalty incurred by the actor will be forfeiture of $10,000 posted as bond (small fraction of what he earns per episode of his TV show) and a few hours of "community service" performed at the offices of Jesse Jackson's Operation Push — not even anything useful like picking up litter off the side of a freeway.  To top it off, Smollett addressed the media and maintained his innocence, even as the Chicago Police, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and even the state's attorney's office maintain that he still is guilty. YouTube screen grab. John Kass of the Chicago Tribune appropriately scoffs: The stain of the 16 counts in the indictment was scrubbed right...(Read Full Post)
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