Intelligence failures: Russiagate and the Iraq invasion of 2003

In the wake of the breaking "Russiagate" scandal, a lot of comparisons are being made to Watergate and "WMD."  WMD refers to the "weapons of mass destruction" rationale for the 2003 invasion of Iraq.  Since no WMD stockpiles were found post-invasion, it became fashionable to cite the WMD hype as nothing more than Republican war-mongering and intelligence failure. Not so fast. U.S. intelligence on the Iraqi WMD program was certainly flawed in the run-up to the invasion.  But the Iraqi program definitely did exist, at least as regards chemical weapons capability and the desire to acquire nuclear weapons.  The existence of Saddam's WMD program was confirmed following the Desert Storm victory.  The United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) was able to inspect the Osirak reactor previously destroyed by the Israelis and determine the program's scope.  The fact that Saddam was in 1991...(Read Full Post)
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