Can Democrats in 2020 possibly be as entertaining as Trump was in 2016?

In 2016, Donald Trump beat out something like 17 other candidates for the GOP nomination.  Presidential primary politics had never seen anything like it. Twenty-twenty's shaping up to put a gaggle of Democrats to a similar test.  Everybody and his carefully combed, registered, pedigreed dog on the Left has announced his candidacy, and all that remains is the shakeout. We can be sure that the Left's contest in 2020 won't approach the entertainment value of the GOP's in 2016.  Back then, Donald Trump was a one-man tour de force.  He left his rivals speechless.  He forced the media to back down.  His crowds have never been rivaled, ever, in presidential politics.  That remains true even today, two years later, without the excitement of a campaign in full swing. The Democrats, conversely, have nothing compelling or even half-interesting to say.  They'll compete to out-Left each...(Read Full Post)
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