Amy Klobuchar announces her presidential race in a snowstorm

Senator Amy Klobuchar chose an outdoor rally — in Minneapolis in the middle of February — to announce her candidacy for president.  Since there are plenty of indoor venues available, almost certainly, she wanted to stand out from the rest of the field and project an image of toughness, albeit leavened by the legendary "Minnesota nice" mode of personality on which she relies for image purposes.  It does raise the question of if she knows enough to come inside out of the rain (or snow). She certainly gets points for resistance to cold and snow — the white stuff visibly accumulated on her head, the podium, and the microphones as she spoke for 11 minutes: She promises to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord that would impoverish Americans while allowing China and India to build huge numbers of coal-fired electricity generating stations for many years, and she came in for mockery from President Trump for the contrast between warmism and...(Read Full Post)
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