It's Time to Restore Our Judicial Branch

If you ask most Americans if they want judges who are presently serving on state or federal courts to act like politicians, you’d likely get a resounding “No.” Take, for example, a 2016 Marist poll in which 52 percent of Americans say they want the Court to interpret the Constitution “as it was originally written.” Sadly, many judges in America act like policymakers instead of working as impartial arbiters of our nation’s laws. The result is an unnecessary politicization of the judicial branch. This trend needs to stop.  Too many Americans from all points along the political spectrum view the judicial branch as a mini legislature to bypass lawmakers in the states and on Capitol Hill. Too many judges have accepted or advanced this expansion of authority. Consequently, we now see unelected judges deciding which laws to enforce or worse, issuing their own edicts from the bench. Nothing could be further from the way our Founders...(Read Full Article)
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