Baseball Fans Choose Wisely

The annual Major League Baseball All Star Game returns tonight in Cleveland, Ohio. Along with graduations, fireworks, barbecues and vacations, it is an American tradition to celebrate summer watching the game’s best players gathered together for one night under the stars on a Tuesday night in July. The All Star Game is a catalyst for nostalgic memories of childhood when only baseball cards, stick ball, wads of chewing gum and box scores mattered to most American kids. In 1970 baseball returned the game to the fans by giving them the right, privilege and obligation to select the starting eight for both the American and National Leagues to play at least the first three innings of the Midsummer Classic. Baseball had stripped their customers of the vote for 13 years. In 1957, Cincinnati fans had a “Reds letter day” by stuffing the ballot box and electing many of their Reds’ heroes to the starting lineup. The only non-Reds player...(Read Full Article)
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