Why should we be inviting immigrants into a country with a dangerous virus?

Former secretary of state Madeleine Albright was out on Tuesday calling President Trump's order to temporarily stop immigration un-American.  ABC and others are calling it xenophobic. This is nothing new.  Trump has been called xenophobic and racist for years, no matter what he does.  Leftists who seek to destroy Trump always play these cards.  Heck, Trump was called xenophobic for sensibly shutting down travel from China and calling the virus the Chinese virus because it came from there. Wouldn't it be cruel and un-American to invite people from other countries in when they wouldn't be able to go to work, eat, go to the dentist, get their hair cut, or most other things until we get a vaccine that ensures that no one will ever get sick and die again?  After all, that is what we are doing to the people who live here.  We would tell them they can't get "elective" surgery unless they need an...(Read Full Post)
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