When will Republicans go on offense?

The natives are getting restless.  They want to see elected and appointed Republicans get into the fray with smarts, determination, and energy.  Those who continue to coast on the back bench do so at their peril.  Either a Democrat will replace their milquetoast hide or their own party will quarantine them from leadership positions. Words will no longer suffice.  This is the time for action.  Republicans are underestimating the angst in the hinterlands.  We've grown tired of unanswered Democrat assaults that get nastier with each iteration. Weaponizing the Intelligence Community against candidate Trump The RUSSIA! hoax Pelosi-directed nonstop committee investigations The slanderous Kavanaugh hearings Mueller's corrupt investigation, which scrapped together a mountain from a molehill Ukraine as a ruse for impeachment Using the coronavirus as a platform for unrelenting and shifting...(Read Full Post)
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