Urban unrest is following in the Wuhan virus's wake

I lived much of my life in or around San Francisco.  Although I vaguely remember a time when women and men still wore hats and gloves downtown, my strong memories begin with the hippies and their mixture of rainbows and squalor in the Haight.  From there, I witnessed San Francisco's self-realized and actualized 1970s, Yuppie 1980s, politically correct 1990s, and the dot-com explosion of the 21st century.  Through it all, the left-leaning city maintained a functional infrastructure and, thanks to internet money, eventually prospered. Lately, though, San Francisco's commitment to enabling its homeless population has led to a profound degradation in the city's quality of life.  That escalated at the end of last year, when San Francisco elected Chesa Boudin as its district attorney. Boudin, whom Bill Ayers (Obama's mentor) raised, announced that he would no longer prosecute "lifestyle crimes," such as...(Read Full Post)
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