Tucker Carlson asks an important question about the shutdown’s end

Tucker Carlson’s April 13 show raises a fundamental issue about the shutdown that’s currently wreaking havoc with the American economy – which, of course, means wreaking havoc with American lives. He points out that, based upon computer projections, we were given one reason to acquiesce shutting down the American economy. However, now that the predictions have proven to be completely wrong, the media and various “experts” are insisting that we continue the shutdown for a different reason. In other words, it’s the old “bait and switch.” When COVID-19 first made its appearance in America, nobody took it very seriously. However, as Americans watched police state action in China and total systemic collapse in Italy, they began to realize that the virus might spread widely here too. It was then that the experts began to tell us about “flattening the curve.” Because COVID-19 is new, we were told, and because there are no...(Read Full Post)
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