Trump pulling off the impossible again

While in the paint section at Home Depot, a young couple next to me wore masks. A thought popped into my head, “Am I nuts for not wearing a mask?” “Stop it. Get a grip, Lloyd.” When many are responding in fear and panic, it can be a challenge not to succumb. Governors are allowing people to shop at liquor stores, Walmart, Home Depot, fabric stores, and more, while banning people from listening to sermons in their cars in church parking lots. And yet, an elderly Christian minister friend is scolding Christians for rebelling against the repeal of their religious liberty. He also believes everyone should wear masks and gloves. I am a pioneer of the Tea Party movement. Even patriots whom I fought side-by-side with are so filled with fear that they are willing to surrender their constitutional freedoms over to Democrat dictator governors. A friend said his 40-something-year-old son caught coronavirus and wrote funeral instructions. His son made a full...(Read Full Post)
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