Trump and his team introduce guidelines for reopening America

During his virus briefing/press conference on Thursday, President Trump formally announced his “Opening Up America” plan. He spoke in general terms about the phased plan, which will slowly open up the American economy, always stopping to ensure that the virus does not rear up again. He made clear that the states would take the lead in determining the timing for initiating each phase based upon the facts on the ground in that state. Having introduced the plan in general terms, Trump stepped back to allow Deborah Birx to spell out the details. Aside from the fact that Dr. Birx is an excellent communicator, Trump was signaling that the plan was medical in origin and intended to keep people safe, rather than being driven by Trump’s political and economic goals. You can read the entire plan here, but the general outlines are as follows: The plan sets out three phases, with each progressively lessening government’s hold on people’s activities....(Read Full Post)
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