The Wuhan virus highlights the huge intellectual schism in America

Monica Showalter wrote about Fabiola Santiago, the Miami Herald columnist who gloated that Trump-supporters and other Republicans were going to die if they went to the beach following Governor DeSantis's order reopening Florida's beaches.  Santiago's views are becoming normative on the left.  Leftists are so hostile to Trump and his supporters, and so terrified of death, that they actively wish death on anyone who opposes endless lockdowns. Here are just three representative examples of the extraordinary animus that leftists are aiming at people who oppose the endless, unconstitutional lockdown and the economic chaos that follows.  The first poster wishes death on people opposing the lockdown, the second calls them hypocrites, and the third says they're selfish: There's no doubt that Democrats seem comfortable with the idea of a shutdown, even if they're going a little...(Read Full Post)
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