The more things change

Having been exiled from my customary place of work, and desiring to occupy my newfound hours at home with topics of interest or import that might benefit my mind, I endeavored to read Mr. Defoe's A Journal of the Plague Year.  That luminous man of letters, by a great pestilence confined to his London dwelling in the year 1665, penned a history of his confinement, which he generously complemented with observations upon the numerous effects the pestilence visited upon people, government, and society. For some weeks I had been much plagued by emails and texts from family, friends, and acquaintances regarding the COVID-19 visitation upon the land.  Astrologers explained why and what was to come; a professed angel availed himself of YouTube to guide me through the travail; remedies (homemade and scientific alike, and all for a price) found sanctuary in my inbox and spam folder; a family member provided much needed numerological insight; etc.  But I...(Read Full Post)
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