The left tries to pin the medical supply shortage on ... the Tea Party

Does the left ever stop? There's a blame-game going on now as to who is responsible for the depleted national stockpile of medical equipment, something the Obama administration had failed to replenish. How's this for some space-grade lunacy? Here's the Daily Caller: An April 3 article from ProPublica claims that “congressional Republicans elected on the Tea Party wave forced the White House to accept sweeping cuts to federal spending.” It avoids including multiple reports that disprove the claim that congressional Republicans were to blame for the national stockpile shortage. ProPublica’s article does admit that the Obama-Biden administration actually proposed cutting funds to the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) – after claiming that the Tea Party was to blame. “Under sequestration, the CDC, which managed the stockpile at the time, faced a 5% budget cut. In its 2013 budget...(Read Full Post)
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