The coronavirus fix is too politically incorrect to implement

Suppose there were a deadly virus that disproportionately attacked Jewish people, akin to Tay-Sachs disease, but was contagious via the air through sneezing, or via direct human-to-human touch, or indirectly, via cardboard or metal.  What would the proper procedure be to reduce its spread?  Would it be to quarantine everyone, given that this sickness affected virtually only members of the Jewish faith?  Of course not; it would be to isolate and protect Jews alone. Suppose there were another virus that disproportionately attacked black people, similar to sickle cell anemia, with the same characteristics.  Again, the policy to limit the spread of this disease would be to isolate, for their own benefit, black Americans and only them. If this were the case, and thank God it is not, there would be cries to the heavens about Anti-Semitism or anti-black racism.  Would our society support the implementation of this partial isolation...(Read Full Post)
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