The best way to calm liberals down about guns?

One can find a lot of useful information on the internet, though determining its veracity is about like deciding when to trust a stopped clock to have the correct time.  I was reading some articles online, and I remembered hearing years ago about a prison warden (possibly some other official) who decided to paint prison cells pink to reduce aggression. True or not, the concept is not without a veneer of scientific foundation. This article summarizes the results of a study: "In 1979, Alexander G. Schauss, Ph.D, experimented with the use of a particular shade of pink and its affect [sic] on mood and behavior. He called the color Baker-Miller Pink. It was found that this pink color was associated with a short-term decrease in aggression. Subsequent experiments also found that this shade of pink could also act as a natural APPETITE SUPPRESSANT."  (Bolded text in original.) If you want to check out the color, look here. (The picture of ballet shoes in...(Read Full Post)
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