That baleful presence of Eric Holder eyeing the coronavirus as a means to win Democrats' permanent power

Eric Holder is back. But instead of helping out on the coronavirus crisis as an ethical person might do, his wheels are spinning for using the crisis as a means of attaining permanent Democratic Party power. The far left former Obama administration Attorney General got an item out on Medium, calling for the skeezy practice of universal mail-in voting, claiming the Wisconsin primary during the crisis was some kind of unspecified travesty:   New from @EricHolder: "Given that the virus is likely to return in the fall, if we do not start taking measures now to protect the franchise, our current voting procedures will put the health of all Americans -no matter their political preference -at risk" — Patrick Rodenbush (@pnrodenbush) April 14, 2020   Thanks for the concern-trolling for Republicans, Eric. We all know how sincere it is.  Calling for mail-in ballots, online registration, same-day...(Read Full Post)
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