Something stinks in New Jersey: The strange case of Gov. Murphy's selective drive-through tulip farm shutdown

Something stinks in New Jersey. Gov. Phil Murphy is doing his best to style himself as the Gretchen Whitmer of New Jersey by initiating a series of capricious, absurd, lockdown diktats in the name of combating the coronavirus. In reality, they help no one. He's a stupid guy all right, given that his fiats are killing his state's economy, for one. And he was last seen trying to tell Fox News's Tucker Carlson that the Bill of Rights was "above his pay grade."  More disturbing, he seems to be trying to outdo Whitmer, who banned the sales of garden seeds to locals anxious to grow their own food, with an even stupider measure of his own. Murphy banned drive-through tulip viewing from inside cars at a farm at the peak of the crop's limited growing season. And his goons threatened to arrest the owner if he did.  According to Shore News Network: CREAM RIDGE,...(Read Full Post)
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