Socialized medicine in action in Great Britain

While presidential wannabe Senator Bernie Sanders (supposedly an Independent from Vermont but really a socialist/communist who caucuses with and is allowed to run as a Democrat for president), Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (also a socialist-communist Democrat-NY) and others rhapsodize about "free" government health care for all, they neglect to mention some harsh realities of such a system that the New York Times (accidentally?) let slip Friday.  U.K. Backs Off Medical Rationing Plan as Coronavirus Rages LONDON — Denying lifesaving care to conserve public resources is nothing new for Britain’s National Health Service. In expensive treatments for cancer and other diseases, the health service officially limits what it will spend to postpone a death: 30,000 pounds, or about $37,000, for each year of full “quality” life provided to a patient. In the case of a pandemic, the public guidance from health officials...(Read Full Post)
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