Questions the media should ask Biden, but won't

Jimmy Fallon said that his mind is blown by the eloquence of Biden. I imagine most of the public can come up with terms to describe Biden’s utterances other than eloquence. Absolute confusion comes to mind. It does not matter if Biden does an interview with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press, The Today Show, The View, NBC, ABC. CBS, WP, USA Today, MSNBC, AP or Fallon, Meyers, Colbert or Kimmel, the questions will always be the same. It will be some derivative of tell us how Trump is screwing up and remind us how great, honest and scandal free the Obama/Biden years were. The playbook for decades has been the same. The only thing that matters to most talking heads is whether the politician has a “D” or an “R” behind their name. In 2008, Obama wasn’t vetted at all while McCain and Palin were under constant attack. In 2012, the media didn’t care what Obama did his first four years. They spent their time attacking Romney, including spreading...(Read Full Post)
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