Pope Francis's approach to COVID-19 is a reminder that he is a leftist

In a few small ways, Pope Francis is a traditionalist.  He opposes abortion, gay "marriage" (although he supports gay civil unions), and the notion of infinite genders. In most other ways, though, the pope constantly demonstrates that he emerged from a Marxist background.  Despite being the Catholic Church's pre-eminent man of God, he has a Gaia-centric view of nature.  He also brings a Marxist's understanding of economics (i.e., simplistic and wrong) to the papacy.  That's why, on Wednesday, the pope suggested that COVID-19 is the Earth's revenge for climate change and then implied that politicians concerned about the economy are akin to Hitler in 1933. To understand how the head of the Catholic Church can make statements so perfectly aligned with leftism, one has to go back to the left's long march through the Church. The Latin American Catholic Church went leftist in the 1950s and 1960s, when it...(Read Full Post)
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