Online job scams on the rise during coronavirus panic

With the Wuhan Virus causing massive job losses due to an economic shutdown and confinement at home, we find ourselves in uncharted territory.  If you are unemployed and desperate for work, be aware.  Employment scams are convincing and can be posted to the usual online job search sites.  What follows is an example of how these scams work. Online job scams look legitimate and may include job offer letters from a highly respected company on the company's letterhead.  You are asked to sign and return the letter, indicating your acceptance of the position.  Afterward, you are referred to an online instant communication site like Zoom, Telegraph, or Google Hangouts.  Here you will interview with a company representative asking all the right questions, but be careful. Once you are a perfect fit for the position, the company tells you to expect a certified check or cashier's check by Federal Express to purchase a...(Read Full Post)
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