One hell of an April in 1968

Maybe it's me, but certain events are frozen in my memory, and I remember them as though it was yesterday. As I recall, I was reading my brand new The Sporting News, the weekly sports newspaper that we used to read before ESPN or the internet.  My parents had given me a birthday subscription, and I loved rushing to the mailbox to consume every bit of information. At I read all of the columns, I asked myself the classic pre-season questions: would Yaz and the 1967 Miracle Red Sox repeat?  Are the Cardinals now a dynasty? After all, St. Louis had won the World Series in 1964 and 1967 and had Bob Gibson on top of their rotation. And then the phone rang.  It was my school buddy Harvey with the news that Dr. Martin Luther King had been shot in Memphis. Then President Johnson spoke to the nation!  By a crazy coincidence, he had just announced days before that he would not be running for re-election...(Read Full Post)
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