OAN flap demonstrates some flaming White House press corps hypocrisy

The press has been publishing negative stories about One America News correspondent Chanel Rion for quite some time now. She's young, she's conservative, she was homeschooled, she's bright, she's not perfect (any more than they are -- she occasionally gets stories wrong or follows the wrong rabbit holes) and she certainly isn't part of their 'in' crowd. A CNN denizen calls this competitor network "a fringe outlet." Another CNN denizen claims that Rion promotes 'conspiracy theories' which sounds kind of funny coming from the network that spent years promoting the Russia collusion conspiracy. Worst of all, she's liked by President Trump.  So now they've finally put a stop to her, piously citing coronavirus public health concerns. According to the Washington Post, which to judge by its extended Chanel Rion coverage, really doesn't like her: On Wednesday...(Read Full Post)
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