Necessary education innovation after COVID-19

With the prolonged shutdown of schools across the USA, local boards of education are struggling to avoid the prospect of interrupted school years and delayed graduations.  They are wondering what to do about promoting students to the next grade, if they have not finished this year's grade. There has long been a solution, even before the internet came along, but as always, the education bureaucracy, and teacher unions, will oppose it. One of the weaknesses in the current K–12 system is that students begin the school year in (or near) September and end the school year in (or near) June.  They take anywhere from five or more separate subject classes, per semester, during that time.  At the end of the school year, if the student's grades merit it (or if there are other considerations), the student is promoted to the next grade (or graduates). What this means is that a student could do very well in one subject area but fail the...(Read Full Post)
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