More proof that the FBI knew all along that Trump hadn’t colluded with Russia

American Thinker readers have long known that the Russia Hoax had no grounding in fact but was, instead, the permanent bureaucracy’s effort to remove from office a president who had threatened to clean out the bloated, corrupt, partisan Deep State. The Mueller report, however, even as it exonerated Trump and his associates, was written in such a way as to imply that it exonerated them by the skin of their teeth. Likewise, the report that Inspector General Horowitz wrote about the fraudulent FISA applications that enabled the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign had redacted footnotes that, frustratingly, only hinted at even worse conduct than mere carelessness or bureaucratic arrogance and ineptitude. At long last, though, William Barr’s Department of Justice is beginning to speed the process of exposing the deep corruption behind the Russia Hoax. It is a level of corruption greater than anything ever seen before in American government. Barr alluded to this when he had his...(Read Full Post)
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