Literally no one has any idea how many people COVID-19 has killed

Every day you’re hearing an updated tally of the number of Americans who’ve “died” of COVID-19. But if you want to understand a Chinese virus, you better start listening to a Chinese philosopher: As Confucius said, “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper names.” And, it’s time everyone wised up about those daily COVID-19 fatality reports. They don’t represent the number of people it's killed. They represent the number of death certificates listing it as a cause. And those two things are most definitely NOT the same. We know with absolute certainty that CDC guidelines for filling them out mean people with mild cases who die of some unrelated disease get added to the virus’s death toll. And 80% of COVID-19 infections have symptoms way too mild to kill anyone. In fact, a lot of people get no symptoms at all. We even know that people who aren’t infected with the virus are getting counted as...(Read Full Post)
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