It takes a thief to make it in Philly

Once upon a time, Philadelphia was one of our great and elegant cities.  I guess that was before it became another "blue city." This is an amazing report about what we often call the City of Brotherly Love:  Last week, Philadelphia's police department reported that criminal activity in the first three months of this year increased by double-digit percentages when compared with the same period in 2019 — the most violent year since 2007.  So far in 2020, property and violent crimes have spiked by 16 percent and 11 percent, respectively, with the largest increases in retail theft — which skyrocketed 59 percent, after district attorney Larry Krasner announced that his office wouldn't prosecute that crime — and other serious violent offenses, such as aggravated assault, up by 20 percent. Normally, this would be a front-page story, but the coronavirus seems to be consuming all the space. What happens...(Read Full Post)
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