It has started: Convict let out on coronavirus concerns arrested for assault and robbery

The nation's thugs rejoiced when the coronavirus plague hit the U.S., giving anti-incarceration social justice warriors just the push they needed to find a reason to let them out of their prisons. Lefty city and state leaders ensured that it happened, and predictable as sunrise, the released thugs went back to doing what got them incarcerated in the first place. According to the New York Post: A Bronx man released from prison by Gov. Andrew Cuomo last month amid the spread of the coronavirus has been charged with beating and robbing a 62-year-old man[.] ... Daniel Vargas, 29, was being held on $50,000 bail on robbery, grand larceny and assault charges after allegedly approaching the elderly victim on Valentine Avenue in the Bronx shortly after 8 a.m. Tuesday, according to a criminal complaint. Vargas allegedly demanded $80 that the man, who was leaving a local bodega with a cane and began punching and kicking him when he...(Read Full Post)
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