Is post COVID-19 America poised to ban tobacco, junk food, and alcohol?

The official reason for the unprecedented closure of much of the United States in response to COVID-19 is that lives matter.  Indeed, lives apparently matter so much that no sacrifice is too great — including to our freedoms and the economy — if it can save even one life from the virus. Surely this is a noble sentiment; and I for one certainly do not mean to argue against it. But it also raises the question: where was this altruistic concern before — when tens if not hundreds of millions of American lives were needlessly sacrificed, ironically, in the name of freedom and economics? Consider the top three leading causes of preventable deaths in the U.S.: every year, about 480,000 Americans die from smoking, 300,000 die from obesity, and 88,000 die from alcohol. Together with the other leading causes of preventable deaths in the US — such as drug abuse and motor vehicle accidents — this means that well over one million American lives...(Read Full Post)
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