Is Biden campaigning to be president of America or Iran?

During Joe Biden's vice presidency, Barack Obama entered into the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which lifted sanctions from Iran and gave the mullahs $1.7 billion in cash, all based upon Iran's promises that it would slow its drive towards becoming a nuclear power.  Even as he was entering into the deal, Obama admitted that Iran would probably use the money to continue its military build-up and worldwide terrorism. There's reason to believe that Iran used that money to fund its deadly incursions in Syria.  In 2018, Donald Trump withdrew from the agreement — something that he was easily able to do because Obama never bothered even trying to get Congress to sign off on the agreement.  Trump reimposed sanctions on Iran, which greatly increased that despotic regime's fragility. Joe Biden, though, still thinks that if we just make nice to Iran, it will be our friend.  In some ways, you have to admire a man...(Read Full Post)
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