If Schiff wants to know what happened, here's where he should look

Rep. Adam Schiff, of Mueller investigation and impeachment fame, is proposing an "independent" commission to examine why the country was so unprepared for the pandemic.  In an effort to be helpful, I'd like to humbly offer some guidance. In 1999, two Chinese generals published an influential treatise that said China should not be bound by Western rules and methods of war.  Treaties were written by Westerners to maintain their military advantage over China.  For defense, China should do anything to win — nothing is off the table, and every occasion is an opportunity for strategy. At that time, China still believed that the USA had engaged in impossible biowarfare in Korea.  China signed the Biological Weapons Convention in 1984 (12 years after drafting), agreeing provided other states were not in violation.  They privately felt that the unenforceable treaty was a "fraud of sham disarmament" and...(Read Full Post)
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