History provides some solace to those worried about our civil liberties

This post is not intended either to condemn or to condone how federal, state, and local governments are trampling civil liberties. It is, instead, a reminder that we’ve been down this road before and, thankfully, recovered. Does that mean we can recover this time too? Who knows? The left in America has never been as ascendant as it is now, so that may shift the outcome. Still, here’s at least a little food for thought. To begin, you’re not imagining it. America is a less free nation than it was even a month ago. Whether in a spirit of glee (“Finally, we can control those darn citizens!”) or in a spirit of panic (“Oh, my God! People are outdoors. We’re all going to die!”), our traditional American rights to move about and assemble freely have been thrown out the window. Before digging into history, it's only honest to point out that one of the oldest core functions of government, even limited government, is to defend against...(Read Full Post)
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