Harvard shows itself as grotesquely greedy, hostile to parents and faith

(UPDATED. See below.) Harvard got some bad press today, and deservedly so.  First, it turns out that even as Americans are standing in breadlines, Harvard got $9 million from taxpayers.  Second, America learned that a Harvard professor thinks children must be pushed into public education to protect them from uneducated, abusive, religious parents. Harvard University has a $40.9-billion endowment, the largest academic endowment in the world.  This is separate from the tuition students pay to fund most of the college's day-to-day operations.  The annual tuition for Harvard is currently $47,730, but fees, room, and board bring a year at Harvard to $72,000. Harvard may be wealthier than half the countries in the world, but it's still greedy.  When the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act sent $9 million in taxpayer money to Harvard, it accepted it: Harvard University will receive nearly $9 million...(Read Full Post)
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