For the first time since 1861, Democrats want to see Republicans die

Several Republican-leaning Southern states are slowly reopening.  Meanwhile, Democrat-run Northern and Midwestern states plan to keep their citizens locked down, even as their state economies collapse.  While the Democrats ought to be watching the Southern experiment with curiosity, hoping it works so they can follow suit, that's not what's happening.  Instead, with a venom the Democrats last displayed in 1861, they're actively rooting for mass die-offs in the Southern states and among other Trump-supporters. Just a few days ago, Georgia governor Brian Kemp made headlines for his plan to get his state back to business: Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp on Monday, April 20 rolled out aggressive plans to reopen the state's economy, saying many businesses shuttered to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus may reopen their doors as early as Friday, April 24. [snip] Kemp brought up the struggles of contract workers, small...(Read Full Post)
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