Democrats are attacking homeschooling, but two teachers are wrecking the brand

You read here last week about the Harvard professor who considers homeschooling terribly dangerous because it gives parents "authoritarian control over their children," instead of leaving the children in government's safe and loving hands.  It's no surprise that a leftist professor loves public education.  As a general matter, American public education is a hard left enterprise, teaching children ideas that are far removed from (a) reality and (b) what their parents value. Additionally, teacher unions are among the biggest Democrat party donors.  Taxpayers pay the teachers, teachers pay the unions, the unions buy the politicians, and the politicians raise the teachers' salaries, in an endless loop that sees ordinary people financing Democrat politics.  No wonder Democrats are afraid that lockdowns will encourage more homeschooling. As if to help damage the public school brand, two stories emerged this...(Read Full Post)
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