Coronavirus panic as an immersive history lesson on life in the USSR

Class, please pay attention as our immersive history lesson continues.  The month of April is designed to teach how everyday life was in the old Soviet Union.  Consumer Goods Shortages In the Soviet era, central planners had to continually balance national security and consumer demand for goods and manufacturing output.  National security always won out, resulting in chronic food and consumer goods shortages across the communist bloc.  These shortages will be simulated by inadequate supply of chosen items, such as toilet paper, surgical gloves, and masks.  Assigned homework will consist of standing in long lines for such items and wandering various stores on the off chance that unexpected supplies of them are put out for sale.  Bonus points will be awarded for hoarding, panic buying, and black-market commerce. Restricted Movement Travel within the Soviet Union was tightly controlled.  Movement beyond normal...(Read Full Post)
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