Can Trump adjourn Congress?

President Donald Trump, in the midst of the ongoing battle to deal with the negative impact of the Coronavirus, on Wednesday said that if the Senate does not meet to approve more of his nominees to government he would use a power in the Constitution never before exercised by a president to go around the Senate and make recess appointments to his administration by adjourning both houses of Congress. Trump denounced the delays in the Senate for some of his nominations saying, “It is a scam what they do.  The Senate should either fulfill its duty and vote on my nominees, or it should formally adjourn, so I can make recess appointments.” Trump’s ire is over the fact that lawmakers left Washington without formally declaring a proper recess -- the Senate adjourned indefinitely as a result of the coronavirus.  This is a political strategy, i.e., a filibuster lawmakers have employed in the past in order to obstruct the Chief Executive’s nominees, as it...(Read Full Post)
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