Blue states failed the most vulnerable among us

Last month, Ann Coulter wrote a piece that was laser focused on how to shape public policy in response to the coronavirus. And while her style was provocative (it was Ann, after all), her point was spot on. After noting data that showed the virus was particularly deadly for the very old, she ended the article with this: We ought to surround old folks homes with the National Guard and call it a day. It would probably save more lives and wouldn’t destroy the economy. We knew early on that the elderly were the most vulnerable. And yet we failed to protect them. So here we are at the end of April and the deadliest outbreaks of the virus have been in nursing homes and elder care facilities. (And most, if not all, have been in cities and states run by Democrats.) But this need not have been so. Front Page Magazine published an article by Daniel Greenfield that provides a chilling overview of how we failed to protect the most vulnerable. First, here are stats for...(Read Full Post)
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