Bloomberg publishes an article celebrating China’s wet markets

There’s been a lot of outrage across the blogosphere because Bloomberg Opinions published an article entitled “China is Reopening Its Wet Markets. That’s Good. Hold the outrage. Far from being cesspits of disease, they provide clean, fresh produce.” For most of us, though, “wet market” is synonymous with bats and with COVID-19. As it turns out, though, things are more complicated than either our understanding of where the virus originated or the author’s blithe assurance that wet markets are not “cesspits of disease.” Early on in COVID-19’s progression through Wuhan and then out into the greater world, experts were pointing the finger of blame at the Wuhan “wet markets.” For those still unfamiliar with the term, a “wet market” is one that sells both produce and live animals that are slaughtered on the spot. In Wuhan, the markets don’t limit themselves to slaughtering ordinary animals such...(Read Full Post)
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