Biden, seeking an answer to irrelevance, walks into Trump's trap

Joe Biden has a problem: with all eyes on the coronavirus, and Trump functioning as the commander in chief during what amounts to a war, complete with a wartime economy, Biden has become irrelevant.  Because he's older and therefore vulnerable to the virus, he can't even leave his house.  Instead, he's hidden away.  This is a lousy situation for someone who is trying to become president in the next election. During his stumbling video appearances, Biden has three available tactics: (1) he can support the president during this crisis, (2) he can criticize the president, and (3) he can offer opposing solutions. Biden refuses to do Item One, which makes him somewhat akin to Lord Haw-Haw or a Tokyo Rose during World War II, insofar as he is trying hard to undermine the war effort.  He definitely does Item Two, non-stop, which is, again, a Haw-Haw or Rose position.  And lastly, he tries, desperately, to...(Read Full Post)
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