Another nightmare for Joe Biden: Bernie's still alive and kicking

That long farewell from Bernie Sanders wasn't such a long farewell. Actually, Bernie never left the race, even though he said he had suspended his campaign, and New York State, doing what seemed logical, called off its one-candidate primary. Now Joe Biden has another problem. Sen. Bernie Sanders' campaign blasted the New York State Board of Elections’ announcement on Monday that his name would not appear on the ballot for the state's presidential primary in June, calling the move an "outrage" and "a blow to American democracy." "Just last week Vice President Biden warned the American people that President Trump could use the current crisis as an excuse to postpone the November election. Well, he now has a precedent thanks to New York state," Sanders 2020 senior adviser Jeff Weaver said in a statement. This doesn't exactly sound as if the race for the Democratic nomination was ever over. New York claims...(Read Full Post)
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