An overlooked anniversary

With China much in the news, the establishment media missed a chance to recall America's greatest promoter of the communist regime, who died 50 years ago. "Anna Louise Strong, the American who spent most of her life writing books and articles extolling the virtues of communism, died today of a heart attack in Peking, where she had lived for the last 12 years," the New York Times reported on March 30, 1970.  In China, the Nebraska-born Strong championed Mao Zedong, whom she first interviewed back in 1946.  The Communist Party chairman set up Strong with an apartment, automobile, secretary, cook, and maid.  Strong dutifully recycled the regime's propaganda in her monthly "Letter from China," but the American felt bound to carry out other duties. Chairman Mao deployed "Red Guards" against anyone who might be at odds with his revolutionary goals.  As some veterans of the...(Read Full Post)
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