An Earth Day reckoning? Greenies panicking over the discrediting of computer models predicting disaster

We have learned the hard way that the scientists who produce mathematical models predicting disaster are not to be granted the presumption of infallibility.  Nor are their demands that we impoverish ourselves in order to avert a disaster a matter of "settled science."  The coronavirus doom that the Cassandras of prestigious scientific organs predicted is nowhere to be found, and it turns out that models are based on assumptions and can be spectacularly wrong. Americans have sacrificed trillions of dollars and turned our lives upside-down based on predictions of millions of deaths if we didn't follow radically change our way of life, based on the pandemic predictions of modelers in the U.K. and USA. How embarrassing for the modelers that tell us we have to make even deeper sacrifices for a global warming disaster that is decades away, if it ever develops.  You can smell their panic in this planned propaganda blitz from the...(Read Full Post)
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